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Galway Academy – About Us

Galway Academy is an all-in-one online academy providing online courses to people across the globe. We optimize courses for you to fit right with your busy schedules. At Galway Academy, you can conveniently expand your knowledge and enhance your job readiness from the comfort of your home via desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Galway Academy is open to learners of diverse backgrounds.


English Courses


IELTS Test Preparation

Many single subject courses

Job Intervirew Preperation

Job Interview Preparation

Our Mission

Here at Galway Academy, we understand that education is the bedrock of societal advancement; hence, we aim to make learning accessible to all. We aim to provide an online distance learning center that empowers and equips dreamers with the right education to achieve their goals. At Galway Academy, our courses are designed to open doors of opportunities to our students who enroll and complete them.

Online English Courses

Learn English

English is a major language used in today’s global economy. As a result, Galway Academy provides tailored online English language courses for different people with different levels of English proficiency. With our English language courses, beginners and experts who want to advance their English skills can enroll. Beginners who enroll will not only learn to read and write English after completing their course, but they will also be able to communicate confidently.

Similarly, with our advanced English language course, experts will also be able to conduct business in English and travel around the globe wielding their newly acquired advanced English skills. Language professionals with wide international experience create our online English courses.

IELTS Test Preparation Course

At Galway Academy, we offer a test preparatory course for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Training Exam. The IELTS is an international exam that evaluates people’s proficiency in the English language. 

The IELTS is mostly required for admission to a university by international students, immigration to English-speaking countries, and other purposes, including job opportunities.

Our online IELTS preparatory course equips people adequately for the exam by teaching them how to answer questions confidently and familiarise them with IELTS question formats.

Through this course, people who enrolled have been able to get higher scores on the IELTS exam and ultimately increase their chances of getting admission to international universities, migrating to a new country, or landing their choicest job opportunity.

During this IELTS preparatory course, we also evaluate your English language proficiency levels.

Online Single-Subject Courses

Are you interested in learning only about a single subject?

Galway Academy has got you covered. 

Here, we offer tailored single-subject courses to interested online students. The courses cut-across different disciplines and include:

  • Business Plan Writing 
  • Business Law 
  • Business Process Management 
  • Entrepreneurship Skills for New Business Startups 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Preparing for Your Job Interview 
  • Resume and LinkedIn Preparation 
  • Microsoft Office Basics


Each of the courses is short, detailed, and self-guided. These courses will highly benefit individuals interested in a particular subject domain but with time constraints to invest in an entire semester to achieve their career or developmental goals.

Students who enrol in any of these courses at Galway Academy can study at their own pace, whenever and however convenient for them. All you need is internet access and your smart device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

We divide the courses into chapters for ease of study for our students, and each chapter comes with assignments and brief quiz exercises. Similarly, at the end of the course, students will have to sit for an online multiple-choice exam to grade their knowledge and understanding of the course material they just completed.

Benefits of Galway Academy’s Online Courses

The advantages of enrolling in our online courses are huge. 

Here are a few of them:

Online courses at Galway Academy allow you to study from your comfort zone

We designed our courses to allow you to study at a convenient pace

Availability and accessibility of essential knowledge at your fingertips

Affordable online courses

Accessible to adult learners of various backgrounds and interests

Opportunity to upskill for career growth

Opportunity to make a career transition with single-subject courses

Chance to level up your English language skills for international opportunities

Well-structured and affordable IELTS preparatory course


Galway Academy (GalwayAcademy.com) is not an accredited institution of higher education but a private company that markets and provides online educational products worldwide. While the Galway Academy’s online courses enhance the knowledge of adult learners, these courses may not be accepted for transfer credit at colleges and universities in some countries. 

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