How to Develop Your Critical Thinking Abilities

Critical thinking is an important life skill for individuals interested in making an impact in this world. According to Galway Academy, though some have this innate critical thinking ability, it is still a skill someone can develop if one is not born with it.

The road to success is filled with decision-making, and it takes an individual who can think critically to make the best decisions at every turn.

Galway Academy could establish that critical thinking plays an important role in problem-solving and effective communication, aside from decision-making.

Ways to develop your critical thinking abilities

Galway Academy highlights four ways to develop your critical thinking abilities:

  1. Seek out New Information and Diverse Perspectives: The first step in developing critical thinking skills is to stay informed and seek diverse options and perspectives. Doing this helps to broaden your understanding of the world and refine your critical thinking abilities.
  2. Question Everything: Questioning things sharpens your critical thinking skills. To enhance your critical thinking ability, there are five important things to do as you ask questions. These include:
    • Clearly define the problem
    • Ask important “why” questions regarding the problem
    • Analyze your answers
    • Identify the root cause
    • Develop a solution
  3. Analyze Arguments: Evaluating arguments is another key step to developing strong critical thinking abilities. It helps to look for logical fallacies, biases and flaws in reasoning.
  4. Thorough Reflection: The last thing is to look critically at your beliefs, thoughts and motives. Consider how your experiences and background may impact your perspective.
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