How Educational Technology Is Revolutionizing Learning

Educational Technology is a great sector that has gained prominence in recent times. The usage of this field is sure to increase in the coming years, especially as the world is witnessing a rapid rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Galway Academy reports that Educational Technology is contributing to great impacts on learning. Schools value AI technologies so much that they allow them to monitor and understand the well-being of pupils. 

With EdTech, schools can share online resources with various stakeholders. These include learners, staff and even parents. Some schools add that this field helps amplify the importance of mental health and well-being. 

Reports state that EdTech is used to present specific objectives of the curriculum.

Galway Academy reports that an increased number of schools have been pushed to incorporate EdTech in their activities. This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, these schools have refined the existing processes. 

Galway Academy - COVID 19
"This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic". | Galway Academy

Aside from schools making use of EdTech, the number of children using AI tools in their schoolwork has greatly increased. Since a great number of these tools are available for free, children use them with and without the direction of educational professionals.

John Bailey highlights in the journal Education Next the potential use of Artificial Intelligence in the American educational system.

The academic and former director of science technology at the US Department of Education says Instructional assistants are beneficiaries of AI. Galway Academy explains that the capacity of AI to carry out human-like conversations poses great benefits. This feature helps instructional assistants explain difficult concepts to students. 

Galway Academy explains that the capacity of AI to carry out human-like conversations poses great benefits

In addition, AI models help provide customized learning for students with disabilities.

Administrator assistants also benefit from the development of AI technologies. With generative AI, school administrators can draft diverse communications.

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