Increasing Access to Internet Drives E-Learning Expansion

E-learning adoption is expanding rapidly. An expert from Galway Academy says the E-learning market size was valued at USD $399.3 billion in 2022 and is forecast to grow massively between 2023 and 2032.

According to the E-learning Industry Analysis report by Global Market Insights, the E-learning market size would increase by a 14% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) within the next five years.

Galway Academy could confirm that increased access to the Internet is one of the major factors driving E-learning expansion. As the number of people with access to the Internet increases, the E-learning industry will continue to expand.

Galway Academy
Galway Academy

Different Modes of E-learning

E-learning, also called electronic learning, is acquiring knowledge using electronic technology, mostly via the Internet.

According to Galway Academy, E-learning provides educational content, courses and materials to distance learners via digital platforms, tools and resources.

The major different modes of E-learning technology include:

Online E-learning

Learning Management System (LMS)

Mobile E-learning

Rapid E-learning

Virtual Classrooms

As the need for electronic learning increases, other modes of E-learning technology will surface. 

Galway Academy
Galway Academy

5 Major factors driving E-learning expansion

Galway Academy highlights five major factors expanding the E-learning industry.

Increasing access to the Internet is the first major factor responsible for the expansion of the E-learning industry over the years.

The rise in mobile learning is also a huge factor contributing to the E-learning industry.

Increased growth in the higher education sectors across the Asia-Pacific region.

Learning Management System adopting cloud-based systems for their services.

Corporate sectors upgrading their training from traditional classrooms to online training. 


Galway Academy
Galway Academy
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