The World Is Changing Rapidly and So Is Education

Technology is changing the way we do many things today. According to Galway Academy, how we learn and study needs to improve at the same pace at which everything in the world changes.

In the past, students had to be within the four walls of a classroom before they acquired essential knowledge. But now, with the help of technology and online education, students can sit within the confines of their homes, enrol and take classes from schools on another continent.

Galway Academy says embracing technology and newer concepts is a must for people who want to stay relevant in their fields.

Two important ways learners can be in sync with the fast-paced world

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learners need to embrace AI in their studies. Artificial Intelligence remains the most transformative technology of the 21st century. The technology is an integral part of online education. 

Galway Academy has learned that schools in China have implemented facial recognition technology to monitor students’ attentiveness in class.

AI has also been used in various countries to provide personalized learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities. 

The benefits of AI are massive.

  1. Soft Skills

Learning in today’s world has moved past acquiring hard skills. Students need to master several soft skills, including communication skills, teamwork, creative thinking, relationship management, conflict resolution and problem-solving, among several others.

These soft skills are important, because machines or AI will not replace them anytime soon. As AI takes over all the routine, monotonous and mundane technical responsibilities, soft skills will remain the most important skills for humans to possess.

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